Trust U.S. to form an appropriate and accurate opinion on the financial statements of your company or organization.

Audit Services

Authorized to practice public accounting by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario,Edelkoort Smethurst Schein CPA’s LLP is positioned to audit your small and medium sized business or not-for-profit organization. Whether your business is growing and needs new investors/bank financing or owners are concerned about the accounting, you can confidently look to us to independently assess your company and provide financial statement readers what they need. We maintain a sound understanding of the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASPE & ASNPO) and can deliver your organization the audited financial statements needed to continue operating and meet statutory reporting requirements.

Review Assurance work for financing or franchising

When your business doesn’t need the backing of an extensive audit, you can turn to a review engagement to provide appropriate financial statements for financing or franchising needs. Through inquiry, analysis and detailed review of your reporting environment, our Licensed Public Accounting Firm can gain a strong understanding of your company and provide insightful feedback. Any time management or anyone outside your company is making a decision based on the financial statements, you should strongly consider a review engagement.

Internal Controls are important to all organizations

As part of the Audit & Review process or as a separate engagement we will review the internal controls, governance set up and the reporting environment utilized by your company or organization. Internal controls are important to all organizations, properly designed controls promote the goals of your organization and catch errors and deviations as they occur. Communication is everything – once we’ve gathered an in-depth understanding of how your environment operate we provide written constructive feedback in the form of a management letter and offer solutions to realign the controls and the goals of the organization.

assurance burlington
assurance burlington

Internal Controls and “C-SOX”

With years of combined experience, Edelkoort Smethurst Schein CPA’s LLP will lead the design and testing of internal controls for publicly traded entities, including top down risk review, business process analysis and narratives, testing, and staff training, to name a few. This provides an independent and objective view, along with specialized knowledge expertise to get the job down efficiently and effectively. It also relieves internal staff from the workload of testing, while at the same time ensuring that management accepts ultimate responsibility for the internal control framework.

In addition, COSO 2013 is a new internal control framework that was enacted to further enhance the regulatory frame. We have experience and expertise in the implementation of COSO 2013.

Internal controls are important to all organizations – these same concepts are relevant to all companies – and reviews can be tailored accordingly. We have extensive experience with internal controls, internal auditing, Controllership, and can ensure the organization strikes the proper balance between cost and effectiveness.

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