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Taxes are not only one of the largest expenses people and businesses have to bear, the rules are complex, and always changing. The best way to ensure that you are in compliance with all tax rules and regulations, and taking advantage of all allowable deductions is to entrust a designated accountant to review your situation and establish an appropriate tax plan. Whether you are starting your business, transferring your business to a family member or planning to exit, a well thought, strategic plan to reduce the tax costs is well worth the effort. Edelkoort Smethurst Schein CPA’s LLP will do exactly that.

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More and more taxpayers are receiving inquiries from the CRA in recent years as the agency steps up enforcement efforts. It can be an intimidating letter to receive finding out that the CRA would like to examine your tax filings. Our firm has years of experience helping clients with CRA reviews and audits, helping them receive the benefits they are entitled to and pay only the taxes they rightly owe. Edelkoort Smethurst Schein CPA’s LLP has many years of combined experience preparing and filing personal tax returns including sole proprietorships such rentals and other small businesses. We have access to in-depth tax regulations through CPA Ontario, as well as on-line access to hundreds of tax experts across Canada.

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