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Five years under the thumb

From The Economist print edition Jul 26th 2007 | NEW YORK Sarbanes-Oxley Satoshi Kambayashi Corporate America is learning how to live with the tough regulations introduced after the collapse of Enron. FOR the leaders of corporate America it has been five long years. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, widely known as SOX, was signed into law on [...]

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Internal Control – Integrated Framework

Internal control means different things to different people. This causes confusion among business people, legislators, regulators and others. Resulting miscommunication and different expectations cause problems within an enterprise. […]

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What every Canadian CFO needs to know

Hot Topics In other sections of this web-site there is discussion and information about C-SOX, Risk Management and Strategic Planning – all of which have been highlighted as top priorities for senior financial managers these days. There are two areas that we would like to point out – one is an emerging accounting development that [...]

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Risk Management Strategies

ERM is an evolving discipline that companies are using to ensure that risk management becomes pervasive throughout an organization. […]

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C-SOX and it”s impact on Canada

The bankruptcies of Enron in 2001 and Worldcom in 2002 were due, in large part, from financial reporting irregularities. The sheer magnitude of Enron’s collapse (Enron had revenues of over $100 billion), the nature of some of their accounting practices, and complicity of other firms who turned a “blind eye” to the questionable transactions, created [...]

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