U.S. and Canadian Accountants – Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Welcome to the Chartered Professional Accounting firm of Edelkoort, Smethurst and Schein. We are a small CPA firm located in Burlington, Ontario and loaded with expertise and experience, and customer care! Please take a moment to read this overview, and if you are interested or need to discuss further, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

Customer care
Our mission every single day is to serve our clients with top notch expertise and experience, and more importantly, to provide a level of customer care that is second to none. That’s what you can expect anytime you contact our firm – attention to our clients and attention to detail.

Accounting and taxation can be downright confusing and frightening to a lot of people – all those numbers and rules that seem to exist to confound and confuse the average person! That’s why our firm considers it so important to not only know the rules, but to explain them in a clear concise way. All of our clients – each and every one of them – knows that they will be treated with respect, that we will take the time to explain concepts in a way that is understandable, and will know that they will be well looked after and taken care of. Yes, we know the rules, but we never lose sight of why we exist in the first place – to serve our clients – that’s why we come to work every day. We will always be extremely grateful for the confidence entrusted in us.

Our services
We are a small firm that covers a lot of territory, literally. Our firm makes use of the latest technologies to manage our client filings in a super-efficient manner, and allows us to support clients locally, and throughout Canada and the U.S. We focus on our core capabilities and our areas of expertise – accounting, audit, consulting and tax – to deliver results that you would normally expect from a large national firm, but with a small town vibe.

Here’s what we do….

Small business accounting and taxation
• Financial Statements
• Corporate income tax returns
• Payroll
• Bookkeeping

As a small business owner, you are focused on a wide array of issues, and if you are like almost everyone else, the bulk of your time and energy is devoted to operations and business development. The financial and administrative end of things are just as important – and that’s where our firm can play a prominent role – we can take away the burden and complexity of tax and accounting, allowing you to focus on your business. From individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations we’ve got you covered. And that’s not all – we can go the next step and discuss tax planning options such as estate planning that might reduce taxes in the future. Please contact us and we will explain how we can help.

Review engagements and Audits
Situations might arise when your business requires financial statements with some type of independent opinion on their overall fairness and accuracy. Perhaps you are selling your business or trying to get additional financing from a bank – in these situations your annual financial statements just don’t fit the bill – instead you need the next level up – a review engagement or, perhaps the highest level – audited financial statements. Not many small firms can offer this type of service, but we can, because we are Licensed Public Accountants and can prepare review engagements and audits. Please contact us and we will discuss what we can do to assist you.

U.S. income tax
Canada – the true north strong and free – happens to be located beside the world’s largest economy – the United States of America. It is not surprising then that cross-border income tax is such an important part of the everyday reality for people in both our countries. And once again, our firm of IRS Registered Tax Return Preparers has your back. Here is a sampling of our cross-border services;

• Tax planning – to explain the rules.
• U.S. citizens, who must continue to file with the IRS, even though they live in Canada.
• Canadians who own property rentals in the U.S.
• Canadians who are selling U.S. property.
• Canadians who are working temporarily in the U.S.
• U.S. Tax ID – sure, no problem – we are IRS Certified Acceptance Agents.
• Canadian corporations doing business in the U.S.

Once again, please contact us and we will explain how we can help.

Organizations large and small often need specialized help with projects – internal control reviews such as C-SOX testing, financial training workshops, virtual CFO – to name a few. Often a lack of in-house expertise or time for staff to devote to a project creates this need. That’s where our firm can assist – we develop customized solutions for clients and then jump in to get the work done. Please contact us if you have a project requiring our assistance.

Whenever you contact our firm, our commitment is to provide you with ‘best in class’ customer care. Our partners will be actively involved with your filings. Our staff will support you with their expertise and dedication.

From all of us here at Edelkoort, Smethurst and Schein CPAs – thank you for taking the time to read this overview. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you!